Lincoln Park Dentistry

1193 Southfield Rd Lincoln Park, MI 48146



Dearborn Dentistry

1756 N. Telegraph Rd Dearborn, MI 48128



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Our Team in Lincoln Park and Dearborn offices 

All our professionals at Lincoln Park Dentistry & Dearborn Dentistry maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry. 



  • Abbas Berro, DDS
  • Hashem Emari, DDS
  • Assia Mouabbi, DDS
  • Hanan Abouhassan, DDS


  • Sawsan Alaouie, RDH
  • Jessica Rodriguez, RDH

Patients coordinators

  • Amairani Rodriguez
  • Bryanna Leblanc
  • Jessica Orazco
  • Gabriella Estrada

Dental Assistants

  • Sue Schoonover
  • Angelica Putek
  • Denise Dension
  • Haya El-Dana
  • Baneen Bayati
  • Maddison Carson